How does prefabrication help with the design and installation of modular skylights?

The prefabrication of modular skylights come with numerous benefits from time and cost savings through to ease of installation and design incorporation.

How does prefabrication help with the design and installation of modular skylights?

The prefabrication of skylights can help both design and installation in a number of ways. By defining the specification at design stage, the system that arrives to site will perform as it was designed to. Factory-made VELUX Modular Skylights come to site complete and don’t require any adaptation work to install. This minimises the amount of time spent working at height where there are prominent safety risks to be found, but also cuts back on the amount of labour required to install. In essence, these prefabricated units are as close to a “plug and play” scenario as you can get when it comes to products used in the build process.

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By minimising the time and labour spent on site, prefabricated skylights can therefore allow for the creation of cost savings for contractors as well as assist them in adhering to deadlines for the completion of certain works. Given the need to protect a site against the weather before other works can proceed, the knock-on effects that the speedy installation of skylights can have are substantial to say the least. This has been evidenced across a number of landmark projects, including recently completed works at the UK Hydrographic Office.

Especially in the case of the VELUX Modular Skylight system, the prefabricated and modularised nature of the system allows for the different modules to be dropped in quickly and easily without the need for considerable preparatory infrastructure (such as scaffolding or other techniques) on-site. Precautions should always be taken to ensure the safety of any work at height, but through streamlining the installation process and making it as simple as possible, organisations can minimise these risks and thus undertake far less preparatory work to achieve the same standard of safety.

Tying into the above factors, prefabrication can also take a lot of stress off the mind of both the main contractor and any specialist installers being used, since the units are pre-made in a factory environment that can both customise the units to specific needs of the project and also ensure absolute quality standards. Although these are arguably possible even in solutions which are not prefabricated, the sheer savings in cost, time, and the assurances that can be provided via the factory-made environment cannot be understated.

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