Why is daylight and ventilation important in office spaces?

Due to the amount of time the average person spends working inside offices, daylight and ventilation have an enormous impact on peoples’ health and well-being as well as improving productivity.

Why is daylight and ventilation important in office spaces?

Daylight and ventilation can have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of people working in and around office spaces. The combination of these two factors (as well as outside views) come together to create a natural environment for people to work in. This becomes an increasingly important factor to consider due to the amount of time that the average person will actually spend working inside office spaces across their lifetime.

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Research has shown that creating an engaging and natural atmosphere can create considerable benefits for productivity in the workplace. Improvements in mood and well-being have been shown to encourage comfort levels and a willingness to get up, move around, communicate as part of a wider office team, and ultimately maintain a far healthier lifestyle overall. The open and natural feel that workplaces with ample daylight can bring effectively helps to bring a little of the outside into the workplace.

Through the use of tall windows, skylights, and ventilation, employees within a workplace can also then customise the levels of daylight and fresh air that they are experiencing to help create the perfect working environment. These controls take the shape of aspects such as blinds and whether skylights are left open or closed during the working day, which both help to regulate the flow of these different elements in the building. Most importantly, this then instils a sense of ownership in the building to create even further benefits such as better staff retention, an engaged office community, and a positive mood within the workplace that can drive productivities even higher.

Ultimately, it’s about bringing a sense of the outside into the building and, through doing this, organisations are able to create a more welcoming space for people which steps away from the older, strict corporate feel that office spaces once had. The benefits of doing this have been well proven and by using daylight and ventilation in an engaging way, companies can make a huge impact in the general mood of the workforce.

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