What are the different sizes available for modular skylights?

VELUX modular skylights offer a wide range of standard modular sizes to give specifiers freedom in designing glazed roofs in commercial buildings.

What building types does EN 17037 apply to?

Modular skylight manufacturers aim to offer the widest possible range of standard module sizes to give specifiers freedom in designing striking glazed roofs. To achieve the right balance, it is typical to offer a customisation service alongside the standard range.


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What module sizes are VELUX modular skylights available in?

VELUX Modular Skylights are available in widths of 675mm to 1000mm, and heights of 800mm to 3000mm in height. These are the exterior dimensions of the frame; essentially they relate to the size of the opening in the roof that the skylight will fill.

Of course, modular skylights are slightly different to individual rooflights, so understanding the constraints on size is particularly important. Since modular skylights are designed to be installed in rows, the height of the modules in any given row must match - but not all skylight configurations can be manufactured to the same height.

Skylight modules providing comfort or smoke ventilation (‘venting modules’) are available up to a maximum height of 2400mm. Only ‘fixed modules’ (which are permanently closed) can be manufactured up to 3000mm in height. All fixed and venting modules can be manufactured to the maximum available width.

What is the advantage of varying the width of module sizes?

On refurbishment projects, existing openings can impose constraints that make it difficult to keep new roof glazing to standard module sizes. Being able to mix and match modular skylights of the same length, but different widths, can create a solution that fits an existing opening.

Another advantage of this approach, on any type of project, is that you can alter the ventilation provision achieved by a row of skylights. Installing fixed modules of a smaller width between venting modules increases the total amount of ventilation available, compared to if all of the modules had been the same width.

Can VELUX Modular Skylights be manufactured in custom module sizes?

In total, the standard VELUX Commercial range comprises 60 variants of fixed module and 45 variants of venting module.

VELUX Commercial will always try to meet a customer’s needs using standard sizes, but sometimes the design of a new building, or the size of an existing opening in a refurbishment project, means that aim cannot be achieved. To discuss custom sizes, you can get in touch with the team directly.

Brochures and guides are also available on the VELUX Commercial website, as are CAD and BIM object downloads for all modular skylight types.