How do VELUX Modular Skylights deal with solar gain into the building?

How do VELUX Modular Skylights deal with solar gain into the building?

Ultimately, the degree to which skylights use the impact of solar gain, depends on the specification of the client; VELUX Modular Skylight systems can be tailored using different modules to support the thermal model of just about any building requirement.

To deal with solar gain head-on, you can order a VELUX Modular Skylight system with factory-fitted roller blinds to protect against heat and glare and control the amount of light in a room. Blinds are available with fire-retardant cloth in grey, white and black and you can choose between two intelligent control options, VELUX INTEGRA ®, a simple wireless system, or as part of a building management system.

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You can also specify from a range of glazing options and glass specifications. A complete spectrum of glazing options are available for the skylights, with g values (or solar factors) reaching as low as 17% with the enhanced sun protection coating (Sun2) range and as high as 59% with VELUX’s low emissivity coating (LowE) specification. A wide variety of other choices remain available, along with the option to choose double or triple glazing so that buildings can have acute control of the solar gain into their building. This specification can be discussed directly between our specification support team and the M&E consultant to ensure that the skylights will work within the thermal model and building management strategy.

VELUX Modular Skylights can use the building ventilation strategy to deal with solar gain in the warmer months. Openable and non-openable units within the skylight system are aesthetically indistinguishable and can be provided with direct controls over which units are, or aren’t open for ventilation purposes, either through the Building Management System or VELUX INTEGRA ®.

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