How do VELUX Modular Skylights help to reduce running costs and carbon emissions of a building?

Modular skylights are an affordable way to reduce the carbon emissions and running costs of a building.

How do VELUX Modular Skylights help to reduce running costs and carbon emissions of a building?

Strategies to reduce your carbon footprint are some of the most important elements to consider when approaching either a new building or refurbishing an existing one. VELUX Modular Skylights can offer an affordable way to both enhance these strategies and also avoid any conflict with pre-existing environmental technologies you might already be using within the building.

A variety of technologies exist to help businesses minimise their energy usage (and associated costs) during the running of the building, with your lighting strategy being one of the most important factors to consider. In fact, improving your lighting strategy can be one of the most effective ways that businesses can make a meaningful impact on their energy use. Through bringing natural light into the building, we can help you to design solutions to minimise use of artificial lighting during daylight hours and make a considerable impact on the day-to-day running costs and energy use of the building.

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The benefits of using a VELUX Modular Skylight system aren’t restricted to your lighting strategy, however. In addition to minimising lighting costs, our modular skylights are provided either double or triple glazed, depending on client specification. The individual rooflights have notably low U values which work to support your heating and ventilation strategy by better containing heat within the building. Our double glazed skylights benefit from an Uw value of 1.4 W/(m2 K), while our triple glazed units have an Uw value of 1.0 W/(m2 K).

Reduced thermal transmittance means that every penny spent on heating your building can go further. By better maintaining heat within the building, property owners are able to maximise the utilisation of thermal energy in a way which is fully compatible with all manner of heat capture and renewable energy generation techniques. With VELUX Modular Skylights, it’s never an either-or, it’s simply the next step in maximising your energy efficiencies and creating considerable energy savings along the way.

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