What are the advantages of the VELUX Step solution?

Connecting modular skylights in long rows is common practice, and a design feature employed to great effect on the roofs of many large commercial buildings. Until now, however, minimising the joint detail between rows and creating a larger expanse of glazed roof area has not been possible.

By adapting the existing Longlight and Ridgelight solutions, VELUX Commercial has developed Step Longlight and Step Ridgelight. These new solutions mean designers and specifiers can create fully glazed roofs while including all the benefits offered by VELUX modular skylights.

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What are the benefits of Step Longlight and Step Ridgelight?

The new Step solutions include all the benefits of VELUX modular skylights. The highly insulated glazed units are available as fixed or venting skylights, with both offering the same appearance for a consistent aesthetic.

All individual skylights are CE-marked and arrive on site fully prefabricated, complete with customised flashings for complete watertightness and a 10-year guarantee. Being factory-made, to tight tolerances, they offer repeatable and dependable performance. The modules are designed to work as a single system from the moment they are made and can be linked in rows to suit the building shape and roof design.

Step Longlight and Step Ridgelight bring that prefabricated solution to larger glazed areas, using an elegant joint detail design between rows. A thin supporting beam (100mm standard steel profile, not supplied by VELUX Commercial) connects the rows, and a factory-finished flashing between each row ensures effective drainage of water from the roof.

By allowing more glazing in the same roof area, the new Step solution maximises daylight through the roof and can help to improve daylighting standards in the building.

How do Longlight and Ridgelight work together?

The VELUX Step solution is suitable for both pitched roofs (up to 25°) and flat roofs (down to 5°), where a flat roof is defined as having a pitch of 10° or lower.

Step Longlight comprises multiple rows of VELUX modular skylights installed close to each other using joint brackets and a clamping system. The Step Longlight can be used in conjunction with either the Step Ridgelight 25° or the Step Ridgelight 5-25° on Girder, with all rows having the same roof pitch. The Step solution offers design flexibility, in that Step Longlight can be specified on one or both sides of a Step Ridgelight.

Module widths must be between 675 and 1000mm, while module heights must be between 600 and 3000mm depending on module type. The maximum number of rows is a distance of 15m up the pitch of the roof, from the top of the lowest row.

Where can I find out more about Step Longlight and Step Ridgelight?

Visit the Step solution product page to find out more about how Step Longlight and Step Ridgelight bring the benefits of VELUX modular skylights to fully glazed roofs. Contact us for technical advice about using the new products, and for price estimates.

To find out more about how modular skylights - including the new VELUX Step solution - help to achieve better daylight design and contribute to the energy efficiency and comfort levels of buildings, download the VELUX Commercial Guide to Daylighting and EN 17037.